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RACI Matrix App for iPad

Take your management skills to the next level with KnowMyTeam. Define, delegate and communicate the responsibilities of your team with a RACI Matrix straight from your iPad, and take control of what your team is doing.

RACI Matrix App for iPad

KnowMyTeam keeps team responsibility information at your fingertips. Exactly what you need when you are with your customers, your team or your boss.


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Create Your Team RACI Matrix Today

Let your team know exactly what their responsibilities are in a clear, proven format that everyone will understand.
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Latest News

Sorry about the app crashing. Fixed in v1.2.3

May 8th, 2014|0 Comments

As mentioned in the last post, we found that in a small number of cases the app would crash while trying to save a matrix file and delete the matrix file as a result.  In [...]

Fixed Sorting in KnowMyTeam v1.2.2

April 27th, 2014|0 Comments

Today we released KnowMyTeam v1.2.2 which resolved a number of issues.  Thanks to everyone who contacted us with comments and suggestions on how to make KnowMyTeam better.  The issues resolved in the release are: Fixed [...]


What you are doing with this app is really neat. I’ve had the free version for about 20 minutes before I found the value in the pro and made the purchase.
I found your app KnowMyTeam very good and very useful.
Using this app in the Company has mode is so easy to compile job descriptions for all our employees.
Sterntor, App Store review